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Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate X64 OEM ESD En-US SEP 2018 Pre-Activated onohest




in marketplace and when i try to log in to the software centre it says invalid location /home/david/win7ultimate is a directory how do i make it a file? Jordan_U: I don't see anything interesting in dmesg Jordan_U: ia64 hmmm, I see I can create a new partition on /dev/sda but I would like to move /dev/sda3 into the new partition. How would I go about doing this? dazjorz: What is the output of "uname -m"? x86_64 dazjorz: Ok. Jordan_U: hm, now I have a second /home/david, and I think it's because I added the partition I needed to (apparently I had created a new partition). This time I can use the software centre to install stuff and there are no problems dazjorz: Good to know that it is something with the disk, and not a problem with Ubuntu. zykotick9, zykotick9, ubuntu is based on debian dazjorz, just to confirm, this is a fresh install? lordcirth: Yes, I had several problems with this install, and I was never able to start Gnome after an upgrade, I wanted to start over but keep some settings and data dazjorz, ah ok. Did you run out of space? lordcirth: No, I was about to create a new partition to use for /boot to fix that, and since it had no partition table, I deleted the entire disk and partitioned it again, I also tried allocating all free space to /home but it still didn't let me install stuff from the software center. lordcirth: If I remember correctly, there were several fsck's on the disk and now it's completely fixed :) I




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Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate X64 OEM ESD En-US SEP 2018 Pre-Activated onohest

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